Innoxec Services

Innoxec Directors tailor their service delivery offerings to the needs of individual organizations. 

Recent engagements have included providing an Executive Director to launch a new innovation organization, a special advisor to the CEO of a mid-sized company to develop a new product strategy, a CEO for a joint venture involving a start-up and a VP Operations to wind-up an innovation program. 

Innoxec has also undertaken a range of business assessments, market studies, standards activities, Foresight exercises, and developed/delivered training programs.
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Innoxec innovation services include:
  1. Providing in-house executive support for innovation projects;
  2. University and College program development, management and tech transfer 
  3. Managing strategic planning and Foresight exercises (see highlight below);
  4. Project management of innovation initiatives;
  5. Development and monitoring of standards activities;
  6. Organizational design and start-up for collaborative innovation;
  7. Business and business plan development;
  8. Conference organization and program management;
  9. Applications for funding support from federal and provincial sources
  10. Mentoring and incubation support

Innoxec services are available in English and French.

Please contact Innoxec regarding projects requiring Level II and Level III security clearance.

Service Highlights

University and College
Program Development and Technology Transfer
Leading universities and colleges in North America are becoming much more focused on economic outcomes from collaborative research programs with industry. Innoxec executives have run external research programs for some of the most research intensive companies in Canada and the United States. Innoxec can help academic institutions craft programs that will be of high value to industry and can help academic institutions to build highly effective industrial outreach programs. As internal R&D resources become more focused and as academic infrastructure approaches industry standards the opportunity for effective innovation partnerships is growing. 

Innoxec can help small companies leverage their university and college engagements not only for access to new ideas, technology scans, invention, subject matter experts, and highly qualified personnel but also for new business development, competitive intelligence, marketing, prototyping, early production and sales support. Innoxec strives to achieve in-year payback for industry investments with academia through well-crafted and executed programs based on years of hands-on experience. 
Strategic Planning & Foresight Exercises

Innoxec has extensive experience in the development of corporate and organizational strategic plans for Boards of Directors, executive leaders, management and staff. Their practical and concise approach has been shaped by years of being on both sides of the strategic planning exercises striving for clarity in communication and excellence in execution. This experience has resulted in a focus on turning strategic plans into operational plans and metrics as well as the identification of strategic actions and organizational structures required to succeed. 

Foresight Exercises leading to the description of possible, plausible future scenarios are commonly used by government agencies and policy makers to understand the short term actions needed to achieve future outcomes. Foresight Exercises are  generally held off-site over three days with a broad range of selected participants (around 60) from the public, private and academic sectors. Private company participants find their participation worthwhile for stimulating innovation insights that they would not be exposed to in their daily environment. Innoxec works with the Foresight Synergy Network based at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa. Recent activities have included a Foresight workshop on additive manufacturing, organization and execution of a Foresight exercise on Canada's innovation prospects, and two Foresight exercises related to security threats and technology responses.