Innoxec is a boutique consultancy based in Ottawa (Canada) and Silicon Valley (USA).  


We offer advisory contract services to support innovation programs at the intersection of industry, academia, and government. Innoxec experts have deep technical and management experience with innovation initiatives. 


Our services include advising C-Level executives, benchmarking programs, curating technical conferences, mentoring entrepreneurs, designing company-university collaboration frameworks, and brokering open innovation partnerships. 


From short-term advisory services to multi-month projects, Innoxec can help!

Executive Services
With expertise in cybersecurity, nanotechnologies, software best practices, open innovation, and physical design - Innoxec advisors serve as board members, entrepreneurs-in-residence, mentors, visiting scientists, conference chairs, and authors. 
Research & Analysis 
Innoxec advisors analyze needs, benchmark programs, and publish reports on a broad range of topics. Recent research has focused on company-university collaboration strategies, the future of conferences (in person, virtual, or hybrid), and the pandemic's impact on R&D collaboration.
Short-Term Assignments
With organizational churn, Innoxec advisors excel at transitional leadership. We are also experts at spinning up new programs, brokering partnerships, and advising on the design of open innovation company-university collaboration frameworks.