Innoxec is your source for expertise, networks, insight, and implementation strategy for your innovation initiatives in company, academic, not-for-profit, and government sectors. Innoxec Directors have deep technical backgrounds with innovation management experience at the nexus of industry R&D, academic research, innovation policy, and disruptive technologies.
Robert J. Crawhall, PhD, FCAE, P.Eng, PMP
Based in Ottawa, Ontario, with over 30 years of experience with many facets of the Canadian innovation ecosystem, Robert Crawhall partners with leaders in industry, academia, government and not-for-profits to craft strategy and implement programs to harness emerging and disruptive technologies for economic growth and improved quality of life. Robert serves as Executive Director of the Canadian Academy of Engineering.
Steven D. Fraser, PhD
Catalyzing incubation and adoption of emergent technologies for over 15 years, Steven Fraser leverages his international experience with HP, Cisco, Qualcomm, and Nortel to advise on strategic open innovation. Based in Silicon Valley, Steven specializes in connecting experts, building innovation ecosystems, supporting developer communities, delivering "best practice" training programs, recruiting strategies for university talent, and brokering company-university research collaborations.
Cybersecurity &
Digital Resiliency
Cybersecurity has gone from the domain of the Chief Information Officer to a pervasive concern for companies, universities, and governments. Innoxec Directors advise innovation ecosystem sponsors to navigate rapidly evolving threats and opportunities.
Artificial Intelligence &
Machine Learning
Separating hype from the value of AI/ML applications, Innoxec Directors advise on the challenges of adoption and adaption, and help shape policies to incubate and catalyze informed decsions.  
Advanced Manufacturing,
Leaders in the manufacturing sector are making decisions, changing long-standing assumptions and taking significant risks to stay competitive and assure future growth. Innoxec Directors advise industry and academic leaders on growth strategies and training roadmaps to shape skills and policies for future generations.