Innoxec is your source for expertise, networks, insight, and implementation strategy for your innovation initiatives in the private, academic, not-for-profit and government sectors. The principals of Innoxec have deep technical backgrounds with over 50 years of innovation management experience at the nexus of industry R&D, academic research, innovation policy, and disruptive technologies.
Robert J. Crawhall, PhD, FCAE, P.Eng, PMP
Based in Ottawa, Ontario, with over 30 years experience in many facets of the Canadian innovation ecosystem, Rob Crawhall works with leaders in industry, academia, government and not-for-profits to craft strategy and implement programs that will harness emerging and disruptive technologies for economic growth and improved quality of life. Robert serves as Executive Director of the Canadian Academy of Engineering. 
Steven D. Fraser, PhD
Based in Santa Clara, California, Steve Fraser has been a catalyst for innovation at HP, Cisco, Qualcomm, and Nortel - building communities of collaboration and partnering with influential academic institutions to facilitate the adoption and dissemination of new technologies.
Cybersecurity & Digital Resiliency 

In the space of a few short years Cybersecurity has gone from being the domain of the Chief Information Officer to a pervasive concern at all levels of industry and government. Innoxec works with many players in this ecosystem as they navigate the rapidly evolving threats and opportunities.
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
AI and ML have been around for decades but it is only recently that the foundational tools, techniques and data collections have existed to allow rapid adoption and experimentation in most sectors of our economies and societies. Separating the hype from the value, understanding adoption and adaption, shaping investment and policy, Innoxec works with leaders from many sectors and regions to make informed decsions.  
Advanced Manufacturing, Materials, Additive Manufacturing & Robotics
Commentary and speculation about the fourth industrial revolution has become almost an industry in itself; that said, leaders in the manufacturing sector are having to make major decisions, change long-standing assumptions and take significant risks if they want to stay competitive and grow in the decades to come. This is not only true for leaders in industry but also for the people training the next generations of manufacturing personnel and those shaping new industrial policy.