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May 21-25, 2018


Porto, Portugal

S.D. Fraser, Panels Chair

Agile Development in a Mission Critical World

May 30-31

EY Centre
Ottawa, Canada




Innoxec Innovation Executive Services provides senior management capabilities and ‘C-Level’ leadership for your innovation initiative across a broad range of industry sectors. 

Wherever you are in your innovation process, engagement of an experienced Innoxec executive can shorten your project timelines and increase your return on investment. 

From early project scoping, planning and business assessments through building collaborations with universities, government labs and strategic partners; coordinating technology transfer and integration; hiring of highly qualified personnel; commercialization and project completion, Innoxec can help accelerate your project or program.

Innoxec has a proven track record working with C-Level Executives, Boards, R&D teams, universities, and government agencies. 

If you have identified a need to strengthen your innovation team for an end-to-end project or just one critical phase, contact us to discover how Innoxec can help.

Innovation Highlights

Innoxec executives are engaged in a broad range of innovation sectors. Recent projects have included initiatives in: advanced manufacturing, cyber security, electric vehicles,  IoT, wireless communications, meteorology, nanotechnology, blockchain, and agile process engineering. For more information please contact us. 

Advanced Manufacturing

85% of innovation is driven by advances in manufacturing. Global manufacturing output is set to double over the next fifteen years to $64 trillion as consumption in developing economies grows. Additive manufacturing (3D Printing) and intelligent robotics are just two of the technologies that are changing traditional supply chains. What actions can companies and policy makers take in order to seize this opportunity for growth and market leadership? [read more...]

Wireless Communications 

Wireless communications are transforming almost every product category, business process and social convention as innovation drives down cost, power and bandwidth constraints making it possible to connect and communicate in ways never before possible. As consumers and businesses expect everything to become connected and "smart" how will The Internet of Things affect you and your business? [read more...]

The buzz has died down and commercialization has begun as nanotechnology is becoming a major driver of innovation in sectors such as industrial materials, transportation, drug development & delivery, information technologies, alternative energy, construction and environmental protection & remediation. Many opportunities and challenges lay ahead in terms of product performance as well as corporate liability. What is your strategy for dealing with the large implications of the very small? [read more...]